Consumers are now in the driver's seat

  • Discover issues with your home & business and find solutions
  • Determine if a contractor is licensed & qualified to perform work on your home or business
  • Recommend that your contractor becomes Consumer Qualified™
  • Take advantage of all these services free of charge

Independent Product Research

Consumer Qualified™ performs independent research on a wide variety of products and services which may have a history of defects, have been recalled, or simply do not stand up to quality checks which are generally accepted as industry standard. Our reports are published to the general public and serve as a source of information that consumers can trust.

Independent Consultation

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide consumers with the knowledge and support to resolve issues found in their homes and businesses. All of our consultation services are free of charge and in most cases, the services performed by our partners are free of charge as well.

Learning Resources

Through our reference library, you may discover trade secrets, learn about state regulations, and understand best practices that can ensure the work your having performed on your home or business is of the highest quality and meets commonly accepted industry standards. Did we mention it's free?

In the Community

You can find us in the places that matter. Our Community Outreach programs have redefined consumer advocacy. By interacting with consumers directly in our communities, we are able to provide a heightened level of awareness, education, and remediation.

Always Free for Consumers

Consumer Qualified™ is free for consumers and it always will be. We have consistently met our financial goals for the past five years and our symbiotic relationship between consumers, community leaders, product manufacturers, and the service industry at large virtually guarantees that we'll be around for years to come.

Advisories in the News

Stay in touch with the latest consumer advisories in the news. We can't keep track of everything so everyone needs to do their part. Fortunately we've got some great research assistants that don't mind keeping tabs on the news for you.